Glycoinformatics Workshop

Glycoinformatics Workshop @Glyco26

Date: Monday, August 28, 2023
Time: 16:20-18:20
Structure: Invited talks and Panel Discussions,
+ Hands-on sessions for participants to bring their data for analysis (during Poster sessions)

Coordinated by:
Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita, Soka University, Japan
Issaku Yamada, Noguchi Institute, Japan

Workshop Description:
Workshop Description:
The Glycoinformatics workshop will be held in an interactive manner, after some short presentations by software and database developers. The content will cover basic glycan drawing tools/software, glycan format converters, followed by more in-depth analytical tools including GlycoMaple. Subsequently, during the two Poster sessions, Glycoinformatics Desks will be set up for users to bring their own data, such as from mass spectrometry analysis, to test the latest updates to GlycoWorkbench, as well as to set up their upload to GlycoPOST, UniCarb-DR, and other repositories.

Benefits of the Workshop to Glyco26 Symposium attendees:
This Workshop will benefit researchers who would like to either (a) find information or references to glycan-related genes, proteins, lipids, lectins, pathways, diseases, etc. or (b) perform their own analysis on their data using the latest tools developed by the speakers, including machine-learning tools and Web tools for analyzing glycans and pathways, etc. After a set of invited talks by the developers of these databases and tools, the speakers can be directly asked questions regarding their data or tool during panel discussion. This will also be an opportunity for attendees to make requests for more data or tools that would be useful for their research; opportunities for new collaborations are possible.

Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita, Soka University, Japan (GALAXY, GlycomeAtlas, GlyCosmos)
Daniel Bojar, Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden (GlycoWork)
Akihiro Fujita, Soka University, Japan (GlyTouCan)
Morihisa Fujita, Gifu University, Japan (GlycoMaple)
Masae Hosoda, Soka University, Japan (MCAW)
Daniel Kolarich, Griffith University, Australia (GlycoWorkBench)
Atsushi Kuno, AIST, Japan (LM-GlycomeAtlas)
Thomas Masding, Soka University, Japan (GlyTouCan)
Sriram Neelamegham, State University of New York at Buffalo School, USA (GlycoPAT)
Shujiro Okuda, Niigata University, Japan (GlycoPOST)
Yushi Takahashi, Soka University, Japan (GlyComb, UniCarb-DR)
Mike Tiemeyer, CCRC, USA (GlyGen)
Isaaku Yamada, Noguchi Institute, Japan (Drawing Tools, GlycoNAVI)

Intended audience:
Users of glycan-related databases; data generators (mass spectrometrists, etc.) who (wish to) use GlyTouCan and GlycoPOST to register their glycans/glycoproteins and/or mass spectrometry data and annotations; those interested in the latest bioinformatics databases and software tools for glycan research.

**Please refer to "Speakers/Workshops" for more speakers' information.**