Aug 27


Sun, Aug 27, 2023

14:00-16:00 Special Open Session on Glycobiology of Virus
14:00 Keynote 1: Chi-Huey Wong, Scripps Research Institute, USA and Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Targeting human viruses with broadly protective low-sugar vaccines
14:30 Keynote 2: James Paulson, Scripps Research Institute, USA
Adaptation of influenza virus to human airway receptors
15:00 Keynote 3: Cristina de Castro, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Giant viruses and their unusual glycans
15:30 Keynote 4: Danny Hsu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Quantitative descriptions of structure-function relationships of glycoSHIELD of coronavirus spike proteins                   

16:20-16:40 Opening Ceremony                                                                                                                                    

16:40-17:20 IGO Hakomori Award : Tadashi Suzuki, RIKEN, Japan        
NGLY1: the beauty of curiosity-driven science
17:30-18:10 IGO Young Glycoscientist Award: Ana Sofia Luís, University of Gothenburg, Sweden                                     
Mucin O-glycans degradation by gut Bacteroides requires multiple key enzymes

18:20-20:00 Welcoming Reception